Black and White, Yin and Yang Design Trend

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang describes how two seemingly contrasting forces can actually work together quite nicely, two halves that come together in complete wholeness. Together, these opposite forces bring balance and even give rise to one another.

Contrast is a play on color that is very popular right now and really has always been.  The coolest thing about black and white is that you can add your favorite seasonal color to it and get a whole new look for the room of your choice!

Check out some of our favorite yin and yang designs for both the home and in fashion!

Home Accessories:
We love this gorgeous chair with so much personality. Looking for a classic, yet modern art? The profile never gets old! And we are simply loving the black and white take on the pumpkin for Fall! And the profile never grows old!


Room Design:
This room incorporated the splashes of another color – see the cobalt blue vase, pillow in the chair and art on the wall?  Bonus – latest furniture trend – add a little (or a lot) of metallic too! Notice the coffee table and arm chairs.

Fall wouldn’t be complete without a new LBD (little black dress)! And we simply can’t resist Kate Spade’s take on the black and white watch – or these fun cat shoes!


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